Snakeboard – 1990’s – 2002
Streetboard – 2002 – 2019
PivotSkate – 2019

Worldwide the sports name has been in debate since its beginnings, the two mainstream names are “Snakeboard” and “Streetboard” but these are metaphoric constructions that in my humble opinion are not good enough to define its essence.
Snakeboard is a brand that name comes from the serpent-like movement achieved by its pivoting function.
Streetboard comes from “snowboard for the streets” but is not appropriate because it does not describe the essence of it and its not the only board to skate in the streets and also because if you enter “streetboard” in a Google search or #streetboard on Instagram, you’ll find mostly many other types of boards addressed by that same name and even street signs…
Adding that the world championship of the sport is held in skateparks, so how can we call a sport streetboard when there is no real street in its world championship?

If we look for a term that technically defines the essence of this sport and it’s appropriate enough to fit a dictionary definition that sums up its characteristics, we should go to its legal birth, to the “Snakeboard Patent”, where this board is defined as a “Pivoting Skateboard”.
So this is why I think “PivotSkate”  would be the name to go by, because it is a 4 wheel skateboard that its main function is that it has pivoting footplates linked to the trucks. 

There is restraint from the sports scene to change the name due to the previous investment in promoting the name “Streetboard” for so many years and i guess emotional atatchemt too, but in my opinion, its time to move on and call it for what it really is, and that’s why I have decided to publicly express my thoughts the name “Pivoting Skateboard” or simply “PivotSkate” is the most suitable for this sport.

Pipo Grosso